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Latest MB-300 Exam Braindumps – 2019 Update

Preparing Microsoft exams is always been very hard. Especially when you are new to Microsoft Technology. The new and advance concepts introduced demand a lot of practice if you want to fully understand their purpose and learn skills to handle those new tools and technologies. The most accurate solution for this problem is Microsoft MS-900 Dumps 2019.

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Question #1:

You are a Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations implementation team lead. A series of test plans need to be created and tracked during a company’s development phase. Multiple users will be testing multiple aspects as code is released. Issues and remediations to bugs will also need to be tracked.
You need to identify Microsoft solutions that offer these capabilities.
What should you use?
A. Microsoft Azure DevOps
B. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
C. Solution management
D. Lifecycle Services (LCS)
Answer: A

Question #2:

You manage a Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations environment. Users report slow queries, deadlocks, and crashes. You need to identify which tool to use to troubleshoot. What should you use?
A. System diagnostics
B. Environment monitoring
C. DirectQuery
D. Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect Health Agent
Answer: D

Question #3:

You are a Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations system administrator.
You use Lifecycle Services (LCS) for your deployment. The company currently has multiple methodologies assigned to various projects. One methodology is incorrectly assigned and must be changed.
You need to change the methodology on an existing project.
Which two options can you use? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
A. Change methodology
B. Project settings
C. Manage methodologies
D. Edit methodology
Answer: A, C

Question #4:

A company plans to create a global address book and additional address books for each line of business. You need to help add parties to the address books.
What party types can you use for both the global address book and the additional address books?
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
A. Customer
B. Vendor
C. Person
D. Competitor
E. Organization
Answer: A, B, D
Explanation: “”fied-operations/fin-andops/organization-administration/overview-global-addressbook?toc=%2Fdynamics365%2Funifiedoperations% 2Ftalent%2Ftoc.json

Question #5:

A company plans to implement the case management feature of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. You need to describe the scenarios in which you should use the case management tool.
Which three scenarios should be used? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
A. Since case activities can be assigned to different people, a case can use workflow.
B. Although the sales module already has return-order functionality, case management is still used For customer returns and claims.
C. Knowledge articles used by case management are associated with specific functional modules.
D. A human resources generalist can use the case management tool to track employee interactions, Even though the department stores confidential information about employees.
E. A case can be used to track both external and internal issues.
Answer: C, D, E

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Linux Foundation is your official vendor for all Linux Projects. It is the employer of Linux creator Linus Torvalds. The company serves to maintain the ecosystem around open source projects. Bedsides this they provide training courses and credential exams. For all those who are aiming to become a Linux expert.

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How To Get A Red Hat Linux Certification

Why Should I Get A Linux Certification?

The first that popped in your mind at reading the title of the article is probably this, why should you get a Linux certification? The answer to this is similar to getting certifications in general. First to demonstrate that you are well versed on Linux operating system skills. You can be passed as a professional with a standard of knowledge.

And the second to get a job of course. There are many organizations that require their employees to be Linux Expert. At that time you having a Linux Certification up your Sleeve wouldn’t be that bad of an idea. Now this give rise to our next question.

Which Linux Certification Should I Get?

This could be an entire post on its own – but I’ll include all the information here in one convenient place.

There are four main providers of Linux certifications, and they all offer a range of different certifications for different levels.


They offer a range of certifications, with labels of Engineer, Professional and Desktop Administrator.

  • Certified Linux Engineer 11 (CLE11) – provides engineer-level skills for managers and architects on large systems based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11. You need to have passed the Certified Linux Professional 11 exam to be eligible for this.
  • Certified Linux Administrator 11 (CLA 11) – a new certification, focusing on daily operation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server networks.
  • Certified Linux Desktop Administrator (CLDA) – focused on those with Windows desktop experience and wish to learn about SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.
  • Certified Linux Professional 11 (CLP 11) – provides skills necessary to administrate SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.


ComptTIA only provide a single Linux certification, the Linux+.

  • Linux+ – an entry-level certification for those looking to get into the Linux field. Vendor neutral.

Linux Professional Institute

Here are some of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) offered a few Linux certifications:

  • Linux Professional Institute Certification Level 1 (LPIC-1) – a junior level Linux certification that tests basic skills in major Linux distributions.
  • Linux Professional Institute Certification Level 2 (LPIC-2) – an advanced level Linux certification that includes skills in administration. Passing the LPIC-1 is required for this.
  • Linux Professional Institute Certification Level 3 (LPIC-3) – a senior-level Linux certification for major Linux distributions that offers several specialties. Passing the LPIC-2 is required for this.

Red Hat

Red Hat offer a few certifications for their distribution of Linux.

  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) – a lower-level Linux certification that covers the basics of administration.
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) – more advanced Linux certification, aimed at experienced Linux professionals. You will need to pass the RHCSA in order to get to this certification.
  • Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA) – focused on deploying virtual hosts in the Linux environment
  • Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS) – focused on security features and areas of Linux
  • Red Hat Certified Datacentre Specialist (RHCDS) – focused on the requirements for administrating and supporting datacentre environments
  • Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) – the highest level of Red Hat certification, this focuses on expert topics of Linux administration and usage.

So, the answer to which Linux certification should you get?

It depends on your experience and requirements. There are several junior Linux certifications (Linux+, RHCSA, LPIC, CLE11) that could be useful if you’re looking to start out.

More advanced certifications such as the RHCE, LPIC-2, CLA11 and CLP11 can be beneficial if you have more experience. If you’re a senior professional in the Linux area, I’d look into the RHCA or the LPIC-3.

However, this article is focused on the Red Hat certifications, so we’re going to look at how to get a Red Hat Linux certification in this article.

How To Get A Red Hat Linux Certification

The steps to getting a Red Hat Linux certification are fairly straight forward. I mean, the concept is simple, but actually doing the work and getting the certification can be tough, especially for the more advanced certifications.

The process you can follow is something like this:

  • Determine which certification to get. This will come down to two things – which one you want, and which one you’re eligible for. Have a look at the requirements and recommended experience for each of the certifications, and make a decision. Many of them are based on junior/intermediate/expert levels, and have prerequisite exams, which limits your choices. The Red Hat Certified System Administrator is a good place to start, if you’re not sure.
  • Determine the requirements. Confirm the requirements on the official website. This may include previous exams, years of experience, and certain knowledge. You should be eligible to sit the exam before attempting to study for it.
  • Enroll in the course. Make an enrolment into the course, and set an exam date. Yes, do this before you even start studying. This will give you a deadline, and subconsciously motivate you to study more and get it done quicker. Without a set date, the study may just never happen.
  • Study. Remember, read the material thoroughly so you have familiarized yourself with the course and its topics. Take notes, practice, and learn.
  • Sit the exam. Depending on the exam, it will be either a theory exam based on computers, or a live exam where you perform on a Linux machine.
  • Pass. Knowing your material and getting the questions right will mean you pass the exam.
  • Celebrate! Well done, you’ve passed the exam and earned a certification! All your hard work has paid off and now you’re Red Hat Linux Certified!

Latest Microsoft MS-900 Dumps Questions Answers

Preparing Microsoft exams is always been very hard. Especially when you are new to Microsoft Technology. The new and advance concepts introduced demand a lot of practice if you want to fully understand their purpose and learn skills to handle those new tools and technologies. The most accurate solution for this problem is Microsoft MS-900 Dumps.

Passin1day has through years build their name through quality and accuracy of their product and promises to maintain that standard hence forth as well. The MS-900 Exam Questions Answers Dumps 2019 are 100% real and offer full support to candidates in need of practice just like you.

Question #1:

A company plans to migrate to Microsoft 365. You need to advise the company about how Microsoft provides protection in a multitenancy environment. What are three ways that Microsoft provides protection? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
A. Customer content at rest is encrypted on the server by using BitLocter.
B. Microsoft Azure AD provides authorization and role based access control at the tenant layer.
C. Customer content at rest is encrypted on the server by using transport layer security (TLS).
D. Microsoft Azure AD provides authorization and role based access control at the transport layer.
E. Mailbox databases in Microsoft Exchange Online contain only mailboxes from a single tenant.
F. Mailbox databases in Microsoft Exchange Online contain mailboxes from multiple tenants.
Answer: A,B,C

Question #2:

You are the Microsoft 365 administrator for a company. Your company plans to open a new office in the United Kingdom. You need to provide penetration test and security assessment reports (or the new office.
Where can you locate the required reports?
A. Data Governance page of the Security and Compliance portal.
B. Compliance Manager page of the Services Trust portal
C. Data Loss Prevention page of the Security and Compliance portal
D. Regional Compliance page of the Services Trust portal
Answer: D

Question #3:

You are the Microsoft 365 administrator for a company. Your company plans to open a new office in the United Kingdom. You need to provide penetration test and security assessment reports for the new office.
Where can you locate the required reports?
A. Data Governance page of the Security and Compliance portal
B. Compliance Manager page of the Services Trust portal
C. Data Loss Prevention page of the Security and Compliance portal
D. Regional Compliance page of the Services Trust portal
Answer: D

Question #4:

This question requires that you evaluate the underlined text to determine if it is correct.
A company needs to protect documents and emails by automatically applying classifications and labels. You must minimize costs. You should implement Microsoft Azure Information Protection for Microsoft Office 365.
Review the underlined text. If it makes the statement correct, select No change is needed. if the statement is incorrect, select the answer choice that makes the statement correct.
A. No change needed.
B. Azure Information Protection Premium P2
C. Azure Information Protection Premium P1
D. Microsoft 365 E3
Answer: A

Question #5:

You are a Microsoft 365 administrator for a company. Microsoft plans to release a new feature for Microsoft Excel. You need to ensure that the feature becomes available for employees to install as soon as possible.
To which release channel should you subscribe?
A. Microsoft release
B. Standard release
C. Office 365 team release
D. Targeted release
Answer: D

A Glimpse Into Cisco Certifications Different Paths

Cisco certifications are globally recognized IT certifications, essential to confirm one’s aptitude to use best-in-class networking and business communications devices from Cisco Systems. Cisco, for many years, has industrialized “Cisco Career Certification” precise to the requirements, for each and every level of experts. These certifications provide network professionals with wide range skills to bring computable rewards, not only to the IT professionals but also to the organizations that employ them.

Besides, enhancing your knowledge in Cisco products, Cisco Certifications improve your understanding in more than one particular domain. With the help of the certification and learning process, participants develop a thorough understanding of IT networking and how different network topologies synchronize to form a secure and efficient network. This diverse knowledge that could be accomplished is advantageous in any networking role. It is one of the primary reasons as to why Cisco certification and training programs are in demand among the IT sphere and also in the organization with a few Cisco products.

Cisco certified professionals do not require any other reference to speak for their work; Cisco certification validates their credentials and also prove their job-specific expertise to hiring managers. This new generation Cisco certifications have been developed to be compatible with day-to-day working knowledge.

The Five Levels -Cisco new generation features five levels of general IT certifications, from the lowest to the highest expert Cisco Certification levels, namely – Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Architect.

Nine Different Paths – Five levels of Cisco career Certification program contain several paths or tracks. You can choose between these paths according to your specific job role.
Few of the paths of Cisco certifications are:

Routing and Switching -Primarily meant for Network Professionals those who install and support Cisco networks containing LAN (local area network) – network connecting computers in a limited or small area, like an office premises or a building to a WAN (Wide Area Network) – a network of computers within a very large area, such as an entire state or country.

Design -Cisco certification in ‘Design’ path is focused at the Networking professionals who design Cisco networks in which LAN, WAN, and switches exist.

Network Security -This path is basically for the Network Professionals who design and implement Cisco Secure networks. Many It Organizations give prime importance to the Information security. Therefore, having a Cisco certifications concentrating on security will set a high demand of you in the industry and the employers will also prefer you.

Service Provider -Aimed for the Network Professionals who work with Infrastructure or Access Solutions in a Cisco environment, basically in the telecommunications arena. To attain the certification, various Cisco training is available in the market. Institutes with vendor certified trainers are the best choice to seek these training from.

Service Provider Operations – This Cisco Exam certification path is mainly, for the professionals who manage, maintain and troubleshoot complex Service Provider networks.

Storage Networking – This path is for those Network Professionals who implement solutions with respect to Storage issues, overextended networks employing multiple transport options.

Voice -Network Professionals who Install and Maintain Voice over IP (VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol – routing of the call over internet or through I.P based network, may use this certification track to validate their skills. This technology generally converts normal voice into digital signals.

Wireless -Network Professionals who Configure, Implement and Support Wireless Networks, may seek this certification to fortify their skills and credentials.

Secure Your Future With An MSCA Certifications

Should you be looking to gain accredited qualifications at the MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator) level of study, amongst the finest methods on sale are CD or DVD ROM based interactive, hands-on study. So if you are a professional but are hoping to formalize your skills with certification, or you’re a beginner, you will be able to choose from hands-on MCSA study programmers to suit your needs. Each scenario needs a different type, of course, so make sure the course is right for you before making a start. Look for a training provider that has the courtesy to understand what you’re trying to achieve, and will work with you to sort out how it will all work, well before they start talking about courses.

We can’t make a big enough deal out of this point: You absolutely must have proper 24×7 professional support from mentors and instructors. You will have so many problems later if you don’t follow this rule rigidly. Try and find training with proper support available at any time of the day or night (even if it’s early hours on Sunday morning!) Make sure it’s always 24×7 direct access to mentors and instructors and not a call-center that will take messages so you’re parked in a queue of others waiting to be called back at a convenient time for them.

The best training colleges tend to use an internet-based round-the-clock service pulling in several support offices throughout multiple time-zones. You’ll have an interface that switches seamlessly to the best choice of centers irrespective of the time of day: Support when you need it. If you fail to get yourself online 24×7 support, you’ll regret it. You might not want to use the service during late nights, but you’re bound to use weekends, early mornings or even late evenings at some point.

Every program under consideration really needs to work up to a widely recognized accreditation at the end – and not some unimportant ‘in-house’ piece of paper. From a commercial standpoint, only the big-boys such as Microsoft, Adobe, CompTIA or Cisco (for instance) really carry any commercial clout. Anything less just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Many training companies offer a Job Placement Assistance service, to help you get your first job. The honest truth is that it isn’t as complicated as you might think to find a job – assuming you’re well trained and qualified; employers in this country need your skills.

Get your CV updated straight-away though – you should get plenty of help from your training provider on this. Don’t delay until you’ve qualified. Many junior support roles have been bagged by trainees who are still learning and haven’t got any qualifications yet. This will at least get you on your way. If you don’t want to travel too far to work, then you’ll often find that a local IT-focused recruitment consultancy may serve you better than a centralized service, for they’re going to have insider knowledge of what’s available near you.

Many trainees, apparently, spend evenings and weekends on their training and studies (for years sometimes), and then just stop instead of finding their first job. Introduce yourself… Do your best to put yourself out there. Good jobs don’t just knock on your door.

A typical blunder that students everywhere can make is to look for the actual course to take, rather than starting with where they want to get to. Schools are stacked to the hilt with students that chose a program because it looked interesting – in place of something that could gain them an enjoyable career or job. Your training for just one year or so can land you a job-role for decades.

Make sure you investigate what your attitude is towards earning potential and career progression, and how ambitious you are. It’s vital to know what industry expects from you, what certifications are required and where you’ll pick-up experience from. We advise all students to speak with an experienced professional before they embark on a study program. This is essential to ensure it contains the commercially required skills for the career that is sought.

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Brilliant Result In One Attempt – Some Ideas To Help You Pass The Exam

The market for IT professionals is good all through the year, and many companies are looking to hire certified professionals. These certifications will give you an edge over other candidates during job interviews. Besides, you could also negotiate for better pay packages. Even working people can better their promotion chances by taking up various certification courses.

Many candidates are appearing for certification in pursuit of bright careers, but not all of them manage to pass with flying colors. This exam is conducted to test their knowledge in Oracle. If you are one of them and wish to get certified in the course, then you will need reliable and focused preparation material.

Working individuals with hectic schedules find it difficult to make time for attending training classes and practice sessions. Keeping this in mind, many vendors offer exam preparation materials in one single pack. When you search the net, you will come across a lot of study materials to pass the exams, but you will need to buy them from reliable providers.

Usually, the preparation kits come with all the important questions and answers for the exams. Some providers even give exam simulation tools to help you gain confidence. These questions and answers dumps are better than studying from the books that are available at the stores.

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Even though the study material products can help you clear your exams, you will need to put in quality time and efforts to prepare for the exams.