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The fact that the IT is the leading industry out of all in undeniable. You need to be up-to-date to survive in this techno-based world.  IT Certification programs is one of the easiest way to get there. Not only they are significant marks on your CV, but also make you more noticeable in the eyes of employers.

However, while choosing a program for you there are certain things you should keep in mind. Choose the most suitable credential for yourself according to the skills you have or want to learn and your job preferences. Take Cisco for instance, it is one of the biggest companies in IT Business. Aside from providing significant services and tools. The company offers a very dependable certification program. For that you will have to pass one or more certification exam.

The process can be very tricky and require suitable planning and preparation. Cisco CCNA R&S certification among others stand out and have provided very good job opportunities to those who have acquired it.

This guide is all about what Cisco CCNA R&S 200-125 certification exam is about and what career prospects does it have. In this article I am about to disclose all that you need to know about this particular exam step-by-step?

What is Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching Certification?

Cisco offers many paths to follow to stable your IT Career, one of such paths is its CCNA R&S Certification. This Certification taking into consideration the most in demand credential validate a candidates’ skills to install, operate, configure, and troubleshoot route and switched networks.

Cisco CCNA R&S is the best choice if you are looking to advance your skills in managing next generation technologies.

Benefits Associated with the CCNA R&S Certification

While there are so many option just in Cisco Certification Programs, you may ask why you should choose CCNA R&S Certification. Now I am going to discuss some benefits associated that will intrigue to choose this particular certification.

  • Although IT industry is so wide full of opportunities becoming CCNA R&S certified will make sure you are in it for long run. There are many openings to grow while chasing your career goals in network and security domains.
  • CCNA R&S certified professionals are reported to earn relatively better than their contemporaries. Their skills are validated so they are automatically considered the most competent, dedicated and productive individuals.
  • CCNA R&S keep you up to date with the latest technologies and IT trends.

Cisco CCNA 200-125 Exam

One of the basic requirements to become CCNA R&S Certified is to pass 200-125 Exam. This 90-minute exam will test you on 60 to 70 Questions in total. It’s available in two languages: English and Japanese. Though it is the most expensive Cisco Exam (costing $325) it’s also packed with benefits.

The Cisco 200-125 exam tests covers 7 major domains including:

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Infrastructure Services
  • WAN Technologies
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Routing Technologies
  • LAN Switching Technology
  • Network Fundamentals

There are many online resources available at diverse range of prices to prepare for your 200-125 Exam. Be careful while selecting the right Dumps providers and be aware that some are spams. After you pass the R&S Exam you have wide range of choices in domains like: design, IoT (Industrial), security, or wireless.

There you have it everything that you needed to know about 200-125 Exam. Good Luck with the chase to your goals and dreams.