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The Open Group Certifications has come a long way and made themselves distinguished among IT Credentials. Not just that they come up with qualification exams to educate individual tools and technologies they offer. One such Exam is the OG0-061 IT4IT Part 1 Exam, covering the Level 1 learning outcomes in 40 multiple-choice questions. The passing score aspirants are required to make is 65%.

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Question #1:

Which of the following key data objects is associated with the Service Portfolio functional component?
A. Service Contract
B. Conceptual Service
C. Portfolio Backlog Item
D. Scope Agreement
Answer: B

Question #2:

Which value stream creates the Service Release Blueprint?
A. Strategy to Portfolio
B. Requirement to Deploy
C. Detect to Correct
D. Request to Fulfill
Answer: D

Question #3:

What are the core concepts of the IT4IT Reference Architecture at Level 1?
A. Value Stream, Functional Component, Service Backbone Data Object, Lifecycle Data Object, Relationships.
B. Governance Risk & Compliance, Sourcing & Vendor, Intelligence & Reporting, Finance & Assets, Resource & Project
C. Conceptual Service, Service Release, Service Release Blueprint, Service Catalog Entry, Actual Service
D. IT Value Chain, Strategy to Portfolio, Requirement to Deploy, Detect to Correct, Request to Fulfil
Answer: A

Question #4:

What is the benefit of implementing the Request to Fulfill the value stream?
A. Ensuring that the service delivered actually performs as requested
B. Improved communication with business stakeholders through roadmaps
C. Improving the speed at which issues with a business service are identified
D. Increased cost optimization by canceling subscriptions that are no longer used
Answer: A

Question #5:
What are the typical activities of the Strategy to Portfolio Value Stream?
A. Strategy, Service Portfolio, Demand, Selection
B. Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Portfolio, Release
C. Strategy, Finance, Service Level Management, Investment Portfolio
D. Strategy, Release, Change, Investment Policy
Answer: A