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Splunk made a mind-blowing surge in its revenues last month approx. 5% ($147.64 million) in just two days. Typically due to the several deals the company made which according to Jason Child, Splunk’s finance chief is between $10 million and $20 million. These deals are for over 3 to 5 years so you can expect more revenue fluctuations in the future.

Then in the thirst fiscal quarter, the revenues rose to 30% ($626.30 million). Going way over the census estimate of $604.1 million. According to an analyst, “the company is a prime acquisition target.” He may just be right looking at the company’s gross margin of 85.8% rise year after year.

What Does This Mean for You?

As data is considered the most important strategic asset by more enterprises and government agencies around the globe. The investment in data-centric digital strategies has increased over the years. In these times having the knowledge of these data-centric digital strategies can benefit you in more ways than one. Now the questions are how to learn all this? Haven’t we mentioned Splunk is “a prime acquisition target”? Obviously, common people like you and we can’t take part in buying the company so what can we do?

Splunk is the No.1 data analytic services provider and also is a forerunner in the field of providing data-centric software. These softwares help organizations search, correlate, analyze, monitor and report on data in real-time. The thing you might not know is the company also provides certification exams. These certifications validate that the certification-holder is proficient in Splunk Tools and Technologies.

What Certification to Pick?

Splunk offers 8 certification paths, each for one specific kind of skill. If you want a head start in the industry with Splunk’s most crucial skills you can start with the SPLK-1001 – Splunk Core Certified User Exam. This Exam covers all the basic fundamentals of Splunk Enterprise. You can then move on to SPL searching and reporting commands with SPLK-1002 – Splunk Core Certified Power User Exam.

After that, learning Splunk Deployment Methodology will be most beneficial. For that, you need to pass the SPLK-1003 – Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin Exam. The next step is getting to know Splunk Dashboard with the SPLK-2002 – Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect Exam.

How to Pass Your Exam?

When you don’t know how to start your training you can always go to the experts. IT Experts suggest using good means of resources that provide you with authentic Dumps and a platform that is most close to the real thing. Like, the SPLK-1001 Exam Questions Answers Dumps at Passin1day. These are affordably available and make passing the exam easy for you. How? By providing in their Exam Dumps Q&A the same variety as you will get in your exams. Updates are regularly made so you stay up to the minute.

As you progress in your skills you can also get help from SPLK-1002 Exam Questions Dumps. These will implant the necessary knowledge in you so you can pass without fail. The Latest SPLK-1003 Dumps PDF and SPLK-2002 Exam Braindumps are also available.


Splunk is the topmost demanded company that has come up in such a short time. Seeing the rise in its demand even you can benefit a lot. Apply for one of its certification exams. This could become the biggest step you will ever make to a better future.